AMINAC Air Purifier and Humidifier, HEPA Home and Car Air Purifier, Negative Ion Filter, Activated Carbon Adsorption, Low Noise with Night Light Mode, Desktop Air Purifier- Mini White

  • ULTRA-QUIET : Running at an ultra quiet 15-20 dB, you won’t even notice it working efficiently in the background while working at your desk or at your bedside while you’re asleep
  • EASY TO USE : Using your KIKI is as easy as 1-2-3! Plug it into a standard USB socket using the USB-C cable provided. Then press the ON/OFF button on the top of the unit. Wait for the indicator lights to appear on the top of the unit.
  • HEALTH POWER : Simple and space-saving, stable embedded into the car space, all the way fresh, escort for your health
  • PORTABLE : It won’t take so much space so you can use it anywhere! Only weighing 136 grams with a height of 5.2 inches, it sits perfectly at your bedside, work desk, by your baby’s crib, or in your car
  • AUTHENTIC HEPA AIR FILTRATION : filtering out harmful allergens, pollen and air pollutants that are around you.


AMINAC Mini Portable Air Purifier


Air PurifierClean your air from 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors.

Ultra Quiet and Energy Saving


Car Air Purifier

Ultra Quiet and Energy Saving

Air purifiers for bedrooms create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment for you.

Clean the Air

Helps reduce the harmful airborne irritants that can make certain cold or virus symptoms worse.

Combat Seasonal Allergies

Decrease the level of pollen, pet dander, and other seasonal allergens in your immediate space.

Keep the air purifier on 24 hours a day for good air quality


Space saving and natural feeling